Growing mushrooms in 3d-printed mold

Experiment with creating (growing) new natural materials for design and construction use.

Over few weeks, mushroom’s mycelium will overgrow the 3d-printed mold.
When dried, grown material is expected to have strong dense properties and is organic and natural.

• Edible Oyster mushroom on straw
• PLA Polylactic acid biodegradable 3d-printing material derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch



• Here is image process of mycelium growth over 14 days:

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day 1

day 1

day 3

day 3

day 7
day 9

day 9

day 13

• Details:

dec 13 dec 14IMG_6620




IMG_8131 IMG_8133 IMG_8134


• Many Thanks to Mycomedica for technical support and Mycelium.

• References: