2nd 3d-printing workshop results

2nd Workshop was about design process from paper sketch to functional 3d printed rapid manufactured object.

We were creating vase-like objects,printed with black PLA material.

Participants were working in pairs, they designed the object on paper and on whiteboard. We than modeled these designs and printed them. Every participant got it’s own printed design.

IMG_8227 IMG_8230 IMG_8234 IMG_8245 IMG_8232 IMG_8235 IMG_8237 IMG_8238 IMG_8240 IMG_8241 IMG_8244


Snaps from workshop day:


IMG_8173 IMG_8176 IMG_8182

IMG_8191 IMG_8194 IMG_8198

Thanks everybody for collaboration!

Workshop holders:
Tilen Sepič
Maja Zupano


Printer: Biohazard Serpent
Material: PLA
Slic3r mode: vase mode, one layered wall 0.5mm


@popupdom fablab 2013