3d-printing workshop, basics, Open-source hardware@popup fablab

First Workshop

• Remix of open source hardware 3d object
• research, download, re-moddeling, 3d printing

Second workshop:

• design process of single wall vase objects
• sketch – design – 3d moddeling – 3d printing

Workshop holders:
Tilen Sepič in Maja Zupano.


Photos from friday’s workshop:

3d printing workshop

Printing our fusion of open source downloaded file and 3d modelled object (comb)





rhinoceros screenshot

Mesh, edited in Rhinoceros and exported in .stl for 3d-printing


3d printing workshop

Part of this basic comb shape was used in mixin two object in one


3d-printed results:


IMG_8152 IMG_8159 IMG_8151


we used this open hardware object: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:154529 and combine it with moddeled comb in rhinoceros. Then the .stl file was exported and put into “slic3r” to “slice” it to g-code file, which is the file, 3dprinters can read.

We than loaded  g-code file to pronterface and print it.


Result, Remixed open source model: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:224963